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HEMPFIELD TOWNSHIP (KDKA) – A man is facing charges after police say he allegedly assaulted two men from Latrobe with a baseball bat during a New Year’s Eve party.

Justin Lilienthal says the New Year’s Eve bash at his Hempfield Township custom hot rod shop was going according to plan.

“We started about 7 o’clock,” Lilienthal said. “We had a bunch of people here, bouncer at the door and a few DJs.”

A few hours later, there would be more fireworks, but not the kind anybody wanted to see.

“[At] 2 o’clock, we started to wrap up. Everyone was in the parking lot ready to leave, next thing you know, this gentleman showed up,” Lilienthal said.

Law enforcement and court records identify that man 26-year-old Adam Daniels, of New Alexandria, and he wasn’t happy.

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“He was originally looking for me and his ex-girlfriend,” Lilienthal said. “We didn’t know him to invite him. I didn’t know the kid’s name till that day.”

However, according to witnesses, Daniels didn’t show up to the party with just a some anger issues regarding a potential broken heart.

Daniels allegedly had a small baseball bat in his hand and started swing it.

Investigators say Jesse Burk tried to stop an enraged Daniels. Burk took at least one baseball bat to the face and head area.

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Another man, Matthew Stouffer was also beaten in the attack. He had facial injuries.

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Both men suffered serious injuries and had to be hospitalized. They are now recovering at home.

Daniels was eventually subdued and arrested. He faces multiple felony counts of aggravated assault and is free on $150,000 bond.