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MCCANDLESS (KDKA) — McCandless has not just a police department in disarray, but potentially an entire town.

After the suspension of two police officers, including the chief, the town manager is ready to leave.

Police Chief David is on paid leave along with Lt. Jeffrey Basl. It follows accusations of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior towards a female officer.

McCandless Police Chief David DiSanti (Photo Credit: Town of McCandless Police Department/Facebook)

While many residents of McCandless say they don’t know much about the scandal, others have strong opinions.

“Seems like he’s guilty, tell you the truth,” said Larry Conroy, a McCandless resident. “All the other police officers are going against him the way I understand it.”

The town of McCandless lies just north of Pittsburgh.

It’s home to the beauty of North Park, great shopping at places like McCandless Crossing, and some high-end housing plans where some of its 28,000 residents live. But, now, it’s known for its police chief scandal.

The police union has given the chief a vote of no confidence. But politicians in McCandless aren’t talking.

Even so, council member Steve Mertz went on Facebook to reassure residents saying he was concerned about:

  • “Two recent claims… the town is about to be without a chief of police and a manager and assistant manager.”
  • “A council person received a letter about the active investigation (into the chief), but did not show it to others.”

Mertz responded:

  • “Our current town manager has agreed to stay until another is hired, as has the current acting chief.”
  • “The councilperson gave a description of the letter (about the investigation of the chief).”

For many residents, some who didn’t want to go on camera, they’re hoping the scandal goes away soon.

“I think McCandless would survive that,” one resident said.

DiSanti has been in law enforcement for decades, and until now he’s had a good reputation.

He is denying the accusations against him. In a conversation, via text on Wednesday with KDKA’s Paul Martino, his lawyer has advised him not to comment, but eventually he says he’ll have a lot to say.