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SOUTH PARK (KDKA) — Five pigs died on a farm in Washington County, and the owner of one of them believes their deaths were no accident.

Colleen Sotak, of South Park, is trying to come to grips with the death of her 7-year-old pet pig, named Piggy.

(Source: Colleen Sotak)

Her pig and four others were being boarded at a farm in Washington County.

A couple of days before Christmas, Sotak learned Piggy was very sick with seizures. Within 24 hours, not only Piggy, but the four others died, or were put down.

A necropsy was performed on one of the animals in an effort to find out what happened to them.

Sotak told KDKA News, “It took about five days. We got the results, the vet called us, and said the pig died from ingesting ethylene glycol, which is antifreeze. Where they were living, there was no access to that whatsoever.”

Sotak said her pig was a member of the family and lived with her for about five and a half years, but then she decided to move it to a friend’s farm in Washington County.

She described Piggy was the best pet she ever had.