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NEW CASTLE (KDKA) — Four men and a woman are accused of kidnapping and beating up a woman over some missing money in Lawrence County.

According to state police, it all started last Friday at a home on Sunny Avenue in the New Castle area.

Investigators say the 30-year-old victim and her boyfriend from West Virginia went to the home to meet with two of the suspects, 35-year-old Jason Bowdry and 24-year-old Samantha King.

Jason Bowdry, Samantha King, Eddie Johnson, Isaac Anderson, Anthony Michael

(Photos Provided by Lawrence County)

The victim, whose name has not been released, and her boyfriend left the home, but were called back later to “answer for a large sum of missing money.”

When she couldn’t provide the missing cash, police say two of the suspects bound the victim’s arms and legs with tape and then gagged her.

Police say that’s when another one of the suspects, 45-year-old Eddie Johnson, tortured the woman, injuring her toe using a clamping tool, while again asking her about the missing money.

Police say the suspects then freed the woman from her restraints, and forced her to stand against a wall while they beat her feet with a hammer. Another suspect, 31-year-old Isaac Anderson, is then accused of using a large piece of wood to beat the woman on her legs and feet.

The woman was held against her will overnight in the home and given a pain pill, investigators said. The next day, state police say three of the suspects forced her into a car to drive to her boyfriend’s home in West Virginia.

Police say she was finally able to contact help when Bowdry fell asleep next to her in the vehicle. She began texting a friend, who contacted 911.

South Fayette Township Police eventually pulled over the car and took Bowdry, King and the another suspect, 25-year-old Anthony Michael into custody.

Investigators served a search warrant at Johnson’s motel room, finding “a large amount of drugs” and a scale.

The victim was taken to a local hospital for treatment.

Meanwhile, the four suspects are facing charges of kidnapping aggravated assault, false imprisonment, conspiracy and unlawful restraint.