By Meghan Schiller

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HAZELWOOD (KDKA) — A pesky waterline leak continues to plague a neighborhood in Hazelwood, several months after the problem first began.

Neighbors reached out to KDKA for help, and the problem will now be fixed within hours.

“Even in park. All the cars were in park and they just slid down the hill,” neighbor Tara Mitchell said.

(Photo Credit: Tara Mitchell)

She lives on Gertrude Street and said one recent morning, she received a text message from her neighbor to go check on her car. She said she walked outside and found her car further down the hill, sticking out in the street, making contact with another car’s bumper.

The steady flow of water down nearby Winston Street had turned her street into a sheet of ice, allowing the cars to slide down the hill overnight.

“We came out in the morning and sure enough … four or five cars had slid down on this ice because this water is freezing now,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell said she tried to get help and was told by other neighbors that PWSA placed plywood and a saw horse over the source of the leak a few months ago.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

On Monday, PWSA told KDKA that the source of the problem is a private water service line owned by the homeowners of 216 Winston Street. PWSA notified the homeowner of the problem and gave the homeowner time for repairs to be made.

PWSA will now take action and shut off the connection line since this has become a public safety issue. PWSA tells KDKA it will tie the line back in once repairs have been made by the homeowner.

PWSA said a crew should complete this job by late Monday.

Before receiving the good news about the fix, Mitchell said this would be her ideal solution: “Get it fixed so that we won’t have water draining and ice and cars sliding into each other while parked.”

Meghan Schiller