PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Forecasters are watching the potential of a possible Nor’easter hammering the East Coast this upcoming weekend, including the Pittsburgh area.

KDKA meteorologists agree that the Pittsburgh area could be impacted by several snow chances this week.

“Just remember this is model data, it is not a forecast, it changes run to run,” Smiley said. “There is a chance we could have a big snowstorm over the weekend.”

Here’s what KDKA meteorologist Ron Smiley had to say about the upcoming week and potential snow chances:

System #1: The first arrives early on Wednesday morning. This comes in the way of a small clipper low that will drop a small trough through area. When I looked at data this morning it appeared to me the area could expect to see about 1-2 inches of snow. Projected snow totals from models though is showing far less snow than what just the raw numbers were showing. I wouldn’t be too concerned about that if it was just the RPM showing little to no snow on Wednesday. The RPM did horrible for this past weekend’s snow event. The issue is that the EURO is also on board with fairly small snow amounts on Wednesday morning and that has been the model most accurate.

System #2: Expected to arrive sometime after the evening rush on Thursday. This will be a more classic winter weather storm system with wrap around precipitation bringing a chance for some decent snow totals as we head into Friday morning. While it is too early to talk snow totals it appears totals close to what you saw over the weekend will be possible with the ‘Ice track possibly riding along and down I-70. This could cause some additional issues for travelers.

System #3: This one is the one everyone is buzzing about. A big northeaster developing and dropping a lot of snow. Timing at this point looks to be Saturday into Sunday but that can change. Amount looks to be relatively large but once again that’s expected to change. What can I tell you about this system?

KDKA meteorologist Ray Petelin agrees, saying that after a fairly quiet start to the work week, weather wise, the area is about to enter a very active wintry weather pattern.

Cloudiness will creep in on Monday evening into Tuesday, with a few peaks of sunshine but a mostly cloudy day.

Photo Credit: KDKA

On Wednesday, there will be a “clipper system” zip through the area. Usually, a clipper will bring 1-2 inches of snowfall, which is expected to be the case with this one.

Thursday into Friday, the disturbance bringing precipitation will be a meteorological smidgen warmer. This gives the area the chance for both rain and snow, so look for changing conditions on Friday.

Now, the winter storm that is gaining a lot of attention is slated to arrive Saturday. While it is too early to give specifics about snow totals or impacts, since this storm isn’t even on the continent yet, this weekend is a time period to pay close attention to.

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