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MONROEVILLE, Pa. (KDKA) – Despite the cold, people are still venturing outside to go shopping and grab a bite to eat at the Monroeville Mall.

It’s a wickedly cold night on Monday, a night to put up your hood, move fast to your car and certainly avoid wearing shorts, right?

“I wish I was in Florida right now,” said one shopper.

Photo Credit: KDKA

We met the Kunkle family, which is pleased the Kiski Area School District has called a two-hour delay for Tuesday.

“I don’t get it but it’s fine,” said Kris Kunkle of Allegheny Township. “They love it!

“We get to go to bed later and you get to get up later too,” said Paige Kunkle, a sixth grader

Sade Freeman’s kids attend Woodland Hills, which is also delayed on Tuesday.

“Yeah it’s gonna be cold,” Freeman said, agreeing with the decision to delay.

“I hate this weather,” said Katie Belair of North Versailles.

We found others not very phased by the cold, but this weather does make Stefan Winger grateful for one choice he made.

“I never knew I needed a heated steering wheel until I got one,” Stefan Winger of Swissvale said.

And then we met Slim Hunchie, a rapper who has a show later Monday, but was dancing in the parking lot — partly to stay warm, but mostly because he’s moved by the music.

When asked if people were going to come out to see him in this cold weather, he said, “For my pockets, I hope so.”

For a full list of school closings, click HERE.