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NEW ORLEANS (KDKA)– After one of the worst missed-calls of the 2018 season in the NFC Championship, a Louisiana eye doctor is offering to help fix the issues.

NFL officials missed a clear pass interference call on the Los Angeles Rams late in the game Sunday night that gave LA the opportunity to win the game over the Saints.

“No PI?”

An eyecare group in Louisiana took to Facebook with a solution to the situation.

Another practice from Texas was willing to help out too.

“In light of the atrocious lack of calls during the New Orleans Saints game we would like to extend free eye exams and glasses to any NFL referee in need. You know who you are.”

The NFL has been in the spotlight for horrible officiating all season and both NFL Championship Games highlighted the issues.

Technically, the league has the opportunity to right the wrong through an NFL rule, but the likelihood of that happening is very small.

So, the teams and fans around the league that feel they were cheated out of calls are left hoping that the officials take up the eyecare center’s offer.