By Kristin Emery

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — With the wind chill Monday morning dropping to as cold as minus 16 degrees, it’s a good thing it was a holiday.

When it’s back to school and work Tuesday and back to reality, it will be just as cold.

The winds won’t be quite as blustery Tuesday, but wind chills will still hover below zero. That’s frigid enough to cause many parents to worry about their kids waiting in the arctic air at the school bus stop.

Megan Schaeffer, of Green Tree, says she’ll drop her two kids off right at the school door.

“Warm clothes, two or three jackets,” Schaeffer said, “and we’ll be taking them to school instead of riding the bus. It’s too cold on the corner.”

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

Marian Cowan is a bus driver for Bethel Park School District. They were off Monday and have a planned delay Tuesday. She says drivers wait for word on delays just like students and parents.

“The criteria is set by the school district superintendent,” Cowan said. “The Department of Transportation director gets the local police and fire department and road crews involved and he drives in from South Fayette, so he gets a little bit of a road check on his way into work.”

Cowan says the cold weather delays are few and far between.

“Not that often,” she says. “It has to reach a certain temperature, like zero. And if it’s under zero, then they consider it and the wind chill is a factor.”

Cowan says she’s not worried about her granddaughter waiting at the bus stop in the bitterly cold air Tuesday because her bus stop is right in front of their house.