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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A local business is offering furloughed federal workers a chance to earn some money during the government shutdown.

The company is called It is based in Robinson Township, Pa., and it’s paying $18 an hour.

They’re printing “Stronger Than Hate” T-shirts with the money raised going to the Tree of Life Synagogue Victim’s Fund.

Photo Credit: KDKA

It’s a small family business, but not too small to help.

“You just listen to all the news coverage, and you go somebody’s got to do something. So this is what we decided to do,” said Larry Barasch, the owner of

Barasch placed an ad on Craigslist for federal government employees not getting paid.

“We said anyone with a valid U.S. government I.D. … come and work,” Barasch said.

So far, they’ve had four TSA employees help print shirts.

“We’re not giving them hard tasks. We’re just saying just help,” said Barasch.

The T-shirts being printed here have a deep meaning for Barasch and his family.

“My uncle Judah Samet was the Holocaust survivor who missed the shooting by four minutes,” said Barasch.

Barasch presented the Tree of Life Victim’s Fund with an $18,000 check last month.

And while that fundraising effort continues, now a different kind of effort to help federal workers through a difficult time.

“They’re desperate,” said Barasch. “When you’re living week-to-week, day-to-day, you still have a mortgage, you still have to pay for food, you still have to pay for utilities,” Barasch said. “I mean what are supposed to do? Live off a credit card?”

If you’re a federal worker who would like work for Barasch, you may contact him at 412-279-2634.

David Highfield