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PENN TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — The Penn Township Department of Public Works in Westmoreland County is asking drivers to stay away from Paintertown Road.

That’s because part of the street is buckling and sinking from subsidence.

The section of sinking road spans between State Route 130 and Simpson Road.

(Source: @PennDPW/Twitter)

The road separated and revealed a visible crack that spans several feet along a section of the southbound lane.

PennDOT tells KDKA that crews will now place a concrete barrier alongside the crack and also install temporary stop signs at each end of the sinking area. This will allow traffic to take turns driving past in a single-lane.

“There’s a lot of people that come around this area, you know, so we only come every other week, but yeah, it wasn’t this way last week,” said Connie Brown.

“Yeah that’s a massive pot hole,” said Darryl Green. “If you’re looking for a pothole, you found it!”

The Penn Township Public Works Department posted a tweet at 8:30 a.m. Thursday and asked drivers to avoid the area.

(Source: @PennDPW/Twitter)

“It’s definitely something that needs taken care of because a lot of people out here are going to be upset,” said Brown.

“For us, [this road] is a nice shortcut,” said Green. “It’ll add about three miles.”

There is no estimate for when this section of Paintertown Road will reopen, according to PennDOT.

Meghan Schiller