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DERRY TOWNSHIP (KDKA) – A couple in Derry Township was relaxing in the living room of their home before a pickup truck suddenly crashed into their house.

“Like thunder and lightning hit,” said 79-year-old Jesse Noel as he described the moment a full-size Ford pickup truck struck his Derry Township home

Noel said he was relaxing in a recliner when the accident suddenly and loudly occurred.

“Got thrown forward with me on it,” he said.

Noel and his recliner were not the only things being shot across the room during the violent collision.

Noel’s wife, Sandy, was also in the room when the truck struck their home.

“She didn’t get seriously hurt, just a few things bounced off her,” said Noel.

When the dust cleared, Noel checked on his wife and then took a look around. He described the walls as being twisted and the home on the brink of collapsing. One thing was evident, there was a lot of damage.

Pennsylvania State Police say that the amount of damage should have never happened because, according to authorities, the person behind the wheel of the truck should have never even been in that seat.

State police say 30-year-old Allen Stayduhar was driving on a suspended license and now will face even more charges.

As for Noel’s home, the couple is allowed to stay in it for now. Noel says he is just happy he and his wife are in their own home and not a hospital or worse.