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ATLANTA (KDKA) — When sports-talk radio host Dan Patrick asked former Steeler Jerome Bettis why Pittsburgh was not in the Super Bowl, the Hall of Fame running back did not mince words.

“Dysfunction,” Bettis said. “It starts at the top obviously. It always starts at the top. Everybody has to take blame.”

“Hall of Famer @JeromeBettis36: #Steelers dysfunction starts at the top.”

The beloved Steeler tailback spoke very candidly about the offseason drama that has carried out over the past month or so.

When asked if his former coach Bill Cowher would have handled the situation differently, Bettis offered his opinion.

“He would have handled it differently I think but from the beginning. Coach Tomlin, what he did was an admirable thing, in terms of allowing these guys a little space, allowing them to police themselves in the locker room…those type if things and those were some of the things that Coach Cowher allowed, but at the end of the day, he made the call on a lot of those things so he didn’t leave a lot of wiggle room.”

Bettis does think that the Brown relationship is still salvageable for the Steelers.

Meanwhile, Peter King of NBC’s Football Night in America spoke with the Post-Gazette’s Ron Cook Tuesday morning on radio row and gave his take on the Antonio Brown situation.

King claims that teams around the league do look at the Steelers organization as a circus at the moment.

“I believe that Dan Rooney would not have let this happen,” King said.

Kings says that the Steelers are not seeing the offers they would have hoped for with Brown on the market. King believes that the best return for Brown at this point would be a late first-round pick.

He also thinks that, if no trade will happen, Tomlin will need to take a trip to Miami to try to make amends with Brown and see if they can work out the issues.