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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Many are lucky enough not to be working in the cold, still, some had no choice but to brave it for some reason on Wednesday.

Many people have to brave the cold as part of their commute, others had important and not-so-important reasons to step outside.

Photo Credit: KDKA

Some had a good reason to step outside.

“I had to go grab something for some friends of mine,” said Angelo Rhad. “They’re all sick in the dorm. I just had to go out and get them some food.”

For others, it was a choice.

“We really wanted something warm to drink,” said Gayatri Shandar, who left her home just to go to Starbucks.

Starbucks seemed to be a popular reason students in Oakland were braving the elements.

“To Starbucks,” said Jeeyeon Rin, when asked where she was going. “I want an ice drink.”

Suprisingly, some people didn’t mind the cold.

“I’m layered up pretty well so it’s not that bad,” said Dhruv Saxena. “It’s only when the wind kicks up that it’s a little uncomfortable.”

One person even went so far as to say he is enjoying it.

“I like the change of seasons, you know,” said Shane Stewart. “I like to be cold sometimes.”

One thing everyone had in common is that they were not staying out very long.