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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – State Police still don’t know if charges will be filed against the driver who hit the parked car of a Good Samaritan.

That collision set off a tragic chain reaction double fatal accident along the Parkway this weekend.

Jason Jackson’s SUV broke down near the Oakland exit Saturday and 39-year-old Landen Jones, stopped to help the father.

After Jones’s car was hit by an oncoming vehicle, the two men fell from the parkway thirty feet below where they were hit by a fourth car on Second Avenue below.

On Wednesday, the two eldest children of Jason Jackson spoke to KDKA about their dad, the tragic circumstances of his death and going on without a father.

“My dad he has like a huge personality,” said Jason Jackson.

Jason and Jada Jackson want everyone to know about their dad, as they try and come to terms with his tragic death.

Jason and Jada Jackson. (Photo Credit: KDKA)

Their larger than life father was a football coach and had a clothing line. Jackson was also an online radio host of “The Burgh Boyz,” a weekly talk show focusing on Pittsburgh’s rap and hip hop scene.

But the oldest children of Jason Jackson say the 34-year-old father of four would most want to be remembered for being a devoted, loving dad.

“He was there for me when I needed him, I could call him,” Jason Jackson said.

Jada Jackson has similar sentiments about her father.

“Pretty much every sport that I played he was encouraging,” she said. “And to be on the right page and to get good grades and stuff like that.

Jason played football and his dad was his biggest fan on and off the field. He remembers his dad during his fifth grade graduation.

“He was screaming, loud he was all in the back I heard him in the front screaming in the back, screaming ‘that’s my son,’ rooting me on the whole time,” Jason Jackson said. “I wish I would still be able to have that, but that’s life.”

Thinking of him falling off the parkway is causing both Jackson children incredible emotional anguish.

“Sad, angry just a lot of feelings,” Jada Jackson said.

“I still be walking around and I see his car and I’ll still be looking in his car just hoping that he might just be in there and I just might get to see him again,” Jason Jackson said.

And for the Good Samaritan who stopped to help their father.

“My condolences also go toward his family for stopping and helping my dad,” Jason Jackson said.

As both Jackson children try to be strong for one another they know they also have to be strong for their youngest siblings, because most of all their dad cherished family.

There are a couple of GoFundMe accounts set up to help the families of the victims of the tragic accident.

To donate to the family of Jackson, click HERE.

To donate to the family of Jones, click HERE.