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GREENSBURG (KDKA) – Cold temperatures, frozen water lines and bone-chilling winds have been the tale of what could be the coldest days of the winter season.

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The unbelievable cold we have been dealing with has impacted many area water mains. Several Uniontown water mains broke due to the subzero temperatures, including a water main that blew out in the middle of South Mount Vernon Avenue and another in the middle of a parking lot nearby.

A gas utility worker inspected gas lines nearby to ensure that the delivery of natural gas would not be affected. Repair crews were taking every minute they could to warm up before once again going out to get soaked and frozen while conducting repairs.

“Nuts, I don’t like it myself,” said Mike Jamison, of Jamison Trucking and Auto Repair. “I don’t know how people can put up with it really to be honest with you.”

The cold reality for Jamison has kept him busy. Although he is not a fan of the cold, it effects on all things automotive has him constantly working.

“Tire pressure monitors on people vehicles, they see their lights on and are panicky that their tires are low,” said Jamison. “Might see a few batteries getting changed, people asking for dry gas.”

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An inevitable way of meeting the brutal reality of the bone-chilling temperatures is pumping gas. Mike Gilmore was outside pumping gas, his face ruddy and win burned form the polar vortex. But Gilmore says he likes it.

“I love the weather, it’s beautiful,” said Gilmore.

One local businessman is taking advantage of the cold temperatures and created a Pennsylvania Survival Kit. Ben Venick of Rizz’s Resturant in Uniontown came up with the following.

“Called it the Pennsylvania Survival Kit, one-stop shop,” said Venick. “You order a meal, you get a free roll of toilet paper, a half gallon of milk and bread for free.”

The popularity of the deal? The restaurant is almost out of stock. Venick said there is only one roll of toilet paper left.

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