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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — This weekend, for the first time ever, Pittsburghers can legally bet on the Super Bowl at Rivers Casino.

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The bettors were lining up Friday, and thousands and thousands in cash were being wagered.

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“From the day after the championship game ended, people were coming in saying, when can I place a bet on the Super Bowl? What kind of prop bets do you have? They’re very excited about it,” Andre Barnabei, from Rivers Casino, said.

“I want to take one of the crazy [bets], like however long the lady sings the National Anthem,” sports bettor Andrew Paul, of Irwin, said.

Unfortunately, the length of the National Anthem wasn’t one of the bets being accepted at Rivers Casino, but there were other interesting bets being made.

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“You could come down and bet on something that would be fun and unique, like who’s going to win the coin toss? Is it going to be heads or tails? Who’s going to be the MVP of the Super Bowl?” Barnabei said.

In Pittsburgh, there’s heavy betting that former Penn Hills and Pitt football stand-out Aaron Donald will win the MVP. He’s now a star defensive tackle for the Rams.

Pittsburghers are making a surprising choice for Super Bowl winner.

“Right now we’re seeing about 60 percent of the bets and about 62 percent of the money on the Patriots, and the majority are also on the over on the over/under option,” Barnabei said.

The over/under stands at 56.

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Rivers Casino will also open up their event center for a Super Bowl party on Sunday. The kiosks will be available that day to place a bet.