By Brenda Waters

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PITCAIRN (KDKA) – Residents in Pitcairn are fed up with a strange odor that they say has been lingering for weeks.

The odor is so strong in the neighborhood that residents are posting about it on the borough’s private Facebook page. When they’re not posting, residents are talking about it.

“It’s a very foul odor,” said Shirly Stoner, a resident affected by the smell. “I don’t know if it’s in the creeks, the has, whatever it is, it stinks. I don’t care what time of day it is, mostly worse at night.”

Waste Management may have the answer to that question. Their Monroeville landfill sits right under the nose of Pitcairn. The waste collection company sent this statement to KDKA:

“The recent cold and wet weather has posed challenges at our landfills that can impact our active gas collection system and sometimes lead to older concerns. Our site has a dedicated team to address these concerns and will continue monitoring of our collection system.”

One resident says it does not matter the season, the stench is the same.

“It’s all year round, it’s not just in the winter,” said Stoner. “It’s summer, winter, fall, spring, it’s all the year.”

Stoner says that she thought she had a gas leak inside her home. After calling the gas company, she learned a leak was not the issue.

“We’ve called the gas company, I thought I had a gas leak,” said Stoner. “We have called the city and several other people, nothing is being done.”