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AMBRIDGE, Pa. (KDKA) — New charges have been filed against suspended Ambridge Police Chief James Mann.

Already facing allegations from August of 2018, Mann is now being accused of more crimes.

Pennsylvania State Police allege an audit that was done as part of the case initial investigation found Mann submitted time on his time sheets he was not entitled to claim, resulting in a loss to the Borough of $67,887.

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Police also allege Mann improperly suspended an officer for leaving a housing detail to assist another officer in helping a sexual assault victim, which was a standard practice in the department. Additionally, police allege Mann threatened the officer before suspending him.

State police brought the first set of criminal charges against Mann on Aug. 23, 2018, alleging crimes such as insurance fraud, false swearing, threats to harm other officers, as well as other charges.

“The morale is up. People in the department are all looking forward to moving forward. I believe that things have gotten better since August of last year,” said Sgt. Glen Sovich of the Ambridge Police Department.

The new set of charges was filed Wednesday. Trial on the first case is set for March 4.

At a community meeting Tuesday night, discussion was held on the situation with the chief. Some residents say they are upset that he has not been fired.