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(CBS Local)- DNA tests to find lost relatives are all the rage these days, but for two minor league baseball players with the same name, the test was a way to find out if they were long-lost relatives.

Brady Feigl is listed as a 6-feet-5-inch tall, 23-year-old pitcher for the Single-A affiliate of the Oakland Athletics.

Meanwhile, Brady Feigl is a 6-feet-4-inch tall, 28-year-old pitcher who last appeared for the Triple-A Round Rock Express, an affiliate of the Texas Rangers.

Inside Edition first profiled the pair last year because of the extreme similarities in their appearances.

Not only do the two have the same name, but also the same red hair and beard, similar height and both wear glasses. When Inside Edition brought them together last year, another odd coincidence was found. Both pitchers had Tommy John surgery performed by the same doctor.

As a follow-up to this set of coincidences, Inside Edition decided to have the pair take a DNA test after they had been inundated with question about whether or not they were long-lost twins separated at birth. When they compared results, it turned out there wasn’t much ancestry in common.

From Inside Edition:

“It says I’m 53 percent Germanic Europe,” said one Brady Feigl. “Any Italian roots?” asked the other Brady Feigl. “I got 4 percent,” he added.

Still, they’re not letting it stop their bond with one saying “we’re still always going to be Brady Feigl”. You can watch the report from Inside Edition below.