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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The third annual International Women’s Strike took place in Pittsburgh on Friday to mark International Women’s Day.

The issues activists discussed ranged from equal pay to benefits for all to even the environment.

They took to the streets in solidarity. Activists from all walks of life came together to celebrate how far they’ve come and how much work still needs to be done.

Camille Golev has a personal reason behind her passion for women’s rights and activism.

“My journey with activism probably started 10 years ago. I am a victim of rape and sexual assault, and that was a big wake-up call for me, needing that help for the first time and realizing how few resources there actually were,” she said.

(Photo Credit: Kristin Emery/KDKA)

Darnika Reed, of Wilkins Township, attended the International Women’s Strike for the first time last year. This year, she helped organize the event.

“We are here to celebrate in strike for the rights and the demands of women and other marginalized genders today,” Reed said.

Reed says she wanted to present issues that affect women, especially women in Pittsburgh, and a diverse group of speakers.

“We have some speakers who are going to discuss policing in the city. We have some who are going to discuss disabilities rights. They are disability rights advocates and activists,” she said.

The International Women’s Strike is a feminist movement that started in 2017 and now spans 50 countries. Golev says they’re bringing local concerns to Pittsburgh city government.

“The ten demands that we will be bringing to the city of Pittsburgh, and kind of the populous in general, range from the environment to fair wages to benefits for all workers. You name it, it probably affects women and probably disproportionately affects minority women more,” Golev said.