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WEST MIFFLIN, Pa. (KDKA) – After nearly 15 months of drawn-out meetings and hearings, the West Mifflin School Board fired its superintendent on Wednesday.

Dr. Daniel Castagna said the fight is far from over, however, and he is now going to focus on a federal lawsuit against the district that fired him.

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There were tight lips Wednesday night in West Mifflin as board members repeatedly said “no comment” as they exited the meeting.

“This matter is going to federal court, so I cannot comment at this time,” said one board member.

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The board voted 6-3 in favor of firing superintendent Castagna.

“They didn’t prove any points tonight,” said Phil Shar, who attended the meeting. “I didn’t see one point that they proved.”

Community members both for and against Castagna came out for one final push.

“I think the hearing officer definitely made some subjective calls there,” said Kevin Squires. “But I think it doesn’t even matter. I think the board had decided well before this hearing had even started.”

The superintendent didn’t attend the meeting, but he talked to KDKA via phone after learning his fate.

“I’m honestly taken back humbled by the people that are still willing to put their name and neck out against this uphill battle that it is when you’re politically in the minority,” Castagna said.

Now the focus shifts to the federal lawsuit.

“This is by no means over,” Castagna said. “It’s by no means … are we (not) throwing in the towel and walking away. We are now moving into a different part of this process with a different audience and I would say a little more unbiased judgement moving forward.”

That federal lawsuit is filed against the West Mifflin School District as well as the six board members who were allegedly pushing for Castagna’s termination.

Castagna’s lawyer pointed out that 15-months ago, the board voted 6-3 to get rid of him. And now, they again voted 6-3 for his termination.