Colin Dunlap: 'If She Has Motivated One Person To Keep Pushing, She's Been A Hero'

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — After a grueling 30 months, 8-year-old Darran Dunlap marked the end of her cancer treatments Friday.

Colin Dunlap, of 93.7 The Fan, says his daughter, Darran, rang the bell at Children’s Hospital, signifying the end of her treatments.

Darran was diagnosed with leukemia when in November 2016. She was 5 years old at the time and has been undergoing treatment for 30 months.

Colin posted a video on Twitter showing the hospital staff singing a celebratory song before Darran rings the bell.

Colin has been public about his daughter’s battle with leukemia, sharing photos and videos on social media.

One video posted in December 2016 showed Darran climbing the stairs along with the caption, “My daughter’s body is crushed by chemo but she won’t let me carry her up steps to bed. ‘I’ll make it,’ she says each night — and does.”

“Thank you to everyone who supported us to this point in Darran’s cancer fight. We elected to be public [with] her fight so as to hopefully raise funds and awarness and also help anyone in a similar battle press on,” Colin tweeted Friday. “If she has motivated one person to keep pushing, she’s been a hero.”