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RANKIN (KDKA) — At a vigil in Rankin on Sunday, Antwon Rose’s mother said “it’s not over” for her after Michael Rosfeld was acquitted in the shooting death of her son.

A crowd gathered at a basketball court in Hawkins Village to remember Rose.

Michelle Kenney, Rose’s mother, spoke to reporters, saying “it’s not over.”

“The problem is the law. The problem isn’t the individual. If we rewrite the law, then all individuals gotta abide by it, so we, that’s where we gotta start at. So no, it’s not over for me. I got a long fight ahead of me, a long fight. We gotta rewrite the law and one way or the other, Michael Rosfeld gotta answer for what he did to Antwon. He gotta answer for that,” Kenney said.

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Kenney went on to say that she didn’t think Rosfeld showed any remorse during the trial.

“When that verdict was read, it was no remorse, it was relief. Because he knew, his mother knew, his wife knew and his family knew that he was a murderer, so there was never, never once did they shed a tear or feel any remorse for what happened to Antwon. Their only concern was that their loved one went free. When that wife cried out at the end, she didn’t cry for Antwon. She cried ’cause she wanted her husband to come home. Every tear that I shed in that courtroom during that trial, before and after, they were all tears ’cause I lost my son,” she said. “I feel nothing towards Michael Rosfeld. I don’t hate him, that’s not my role. I can’t even judge him other than the character that he displayed, and he showed us that he was a murderer, so I don’t have to pass judgement on that.”


Kenney also commented on Rosfeld’s potential future in law enforcement.

“One more thing before I forget — in the state of Pennsylvania and in Allegheny County, when you get fired from a jurisdiction, you can get hired by another one. To all of those jurisdictions in Allegheny County, before they say I’m defaming him, he murdered my son. Whether he was convicted or not, he murdered my son. They say if you do it once, you’ll do it twice,” she said. “So if another jurisdiction decides that they want to pick up that liability, just remember Antwon Michael Rose II is deceased. Now you can hire him if you want to, I’m not here to stop you. But somebody else’s mother is gonna be sitting my shoes and there’ll be another court case.”

At the vigil, the crowd read a poem Rose wrote two years before he was killed that said in part, “I AM NOT WHAT YOU THINK! I am confused and afraid. I wonder what path I will take.”

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Kenney was wearing a shirt that said, “I am not what you think.”

A circle of candles and flowers was placed in the center of the basketball court, along with a painting of Rose.

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The crowd sang and prayed in remembrance of Rose.

“These supporters put this together while I was asleep. I haven’t slept in I don’t know how long and after the verdict was read, I literally went home and I collapsed. When I woke up, my phone was filled,” Kenney said. “I just, I really do believe that if this small amount of people can put this together in 24 hours, can you imagine what we can do to change the rest of the world? Because this is only a portion of the people that support us and this small portion got all of these people out here in 24 hours. Let’s see if we can get them to Washington and change that law.”

Kenney has filed a civil suit against Rosfeld. She’s also hoping to change state law regarding police shootings.

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Several hundred people gathered at Freedom Corner in the Hill District on Sunday for a prayer vigil honoring Antwon Rose, and another prayer vigil was held at the Hill District’s Warren United Methodist Church.