UPDATE (March 27, 2019) —

WAMO says all of their stolen equipment has been recovered, and that no charges will be filed in the case.

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Pittsburgh radio station WAMO is hoping the public can help find a burglary suspect accused of stealing thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment from their headquarters.

Tuesday may be just another day at WAMO’s studios in Wilkinsburg, but this time, a police investigation is happening behind the scenes.

“We had about $15,000 of equipment stolen,” said station general manager Jamal Woodson.

Officials say the alleged culprit was caught on surveillance video.

Woodson said the burglary happened around 1 a.m. Monday. No one was in the office. Later that morning, Woodson said he woke up to a call from the operations manager.

“I answer the phone and say what’s wrong, and he just yells, ‘We’ve been robbed, we’ve been robbed,'” said Woodson.

Several Mac computers and microphones were stolen from the recording studio.

“There’s so many fingerprints, they’re either going to get caught or they’re going to have to turn everything over or both,” said Woodson.

Woodson said he doesn’t recognize the suspect. However, he thinks it’s someone that’s been to WAMO before and is familiar with the layout.

(Source: WAMO 100.1 107.3/Facebook)

“He’s checking the bathroom to see if anyone is there. As he’s walking forward, you can see his left arm is completely straight. You can tell a crowbar was in his left arm,” said Woodson.

While police said there was no forced entry at the main entrance to the building, Woodson said the burglar used the crowbar to pry open this door.

Fortunately, WAMO was still able to go on the air with pre-recorded material, but it prevented the station from broadcasting live, so Woodson said they had to buy some equipment, fast. He said this has never happened before, and he hopes Allegheny County Police can crack this case soon.

“I just feel completely violated, and I want my stuff back,” said Woodson.