DUQUESNE (KDKA) — City of Duquesne Police say the parents of a child found wandering on the street alone Wednesday morning have been located.

(Source: City Of Duquesne Police/Facebook)

According to Duquesne Police, the little boy was found wandering on Overland Avenue around 10 a.m.

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Evelyn Weber says she looks out of her window every morning, today she spotted something special.

“The kid was acting real comfortable,” said Weber. “He wasn’t upset. He was dressed nice except the shoes are on the wrong foot.”

They believe he is about 3-years-old and his name is Devin Gibson. Police took him back to the Duquesne Police station.

“At 10 a.m. this morning, we got a 911 call for a small child at the end of Overland Avenue closest to state Route 837, a four-lane highway. Our officers responded to the area and found the young man wandering by himself. A neighbor saw this, went out and held onto the child until our officers got there,” Duquesne Police Chief Thomas Dunlevy said.

Police said they were able to identify his mother, but could not find her.

Officials say the boy’s father showed up at the police station after noon, but was reportedly intoxicated and taken into custody for being disorderly.

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“The father showed up at the station, appeared to be visibly intoxicated, smelled of alcohol, created a disturbance inside our building and outside our building,” said Duquesne Police Chief Tom Dunlevy. “He was taken into custody for public intoxication.”

The current boyfriend of the boy’s mother also came to the police station; however, officers say they found cocaine in his possession. There were also outstanding warrants out for his arrest. He was also taken into custody. He was supposed to be watching the child.

“When we made contact with him at the police station, we learned that he had active outstanding warrants,” said Dunlevy. “When we took him into custody we also found out he had cocaine in his pocket.”

Young is now in the Allegheny County Jail.

The boy was dressed for the cooler weather.

“Shoes and coat that he said he put on himself,” Chief Dunlevy said. “He was not able to identify what house he came from though. We took him to several, we checked cars in the area that would have a car seat appropriate for a child that age. So far, nothing has turned up that way.”

Police say the boy’s mother will not be facing charges because she was not watching the child at the time he was found wandering.

The boy is being taken into CYS custody.

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