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OAKLAND (KDKA) — A Port Authority bus driver has been cited and could be disciplined after an incident involving an Uber driver in Oakland.

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Driving on Forbes Avenue through Oakland is always an adventure but especially now with construction limiting lanes and the universities in full swing. Add to the mix a Port Authority bus driver who was less than pleased with where an Uber driver chose to wait for a fare.

It was all caught on the Uber dash cam and Jim Clair, of Ultimate Defensive Driving, finds it hard to believe.

“This man’s driving a 30,000-pound vehicle, I’m guessing, assuming, across three lanes, back and forth on three lanes,” he said.

Uber driver Jerome Morris says the bus driver drove around him and then parked his bus across all three lanes of Forbes. When Morris had his fare in the car, he pulled out only to have the bus proceed down Forbes, swerving from lane to lane, preventing Morris from passing.

(Photo Credit: Jerome Morris)

Clair says it’s a classic illustration of aggressive driving by the bus driver and points out both drivers became distracted with their conflict.

“The first red light they came to, they both went through that red light because they were distracted with each other,” he said.

The blocking maneuvers continued as they drove towards the Carnegie Museum, which Clair says can’t be tolerated for safety reasons.

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“You’ve got the passenger safety in the back there. You could really hurt somebody driving a vehicle like that. Bounce a curb, next thing you know, someone’s falling on the floor, hurting, bad neck, shoulder, whatever. He could have injured somebody on that bus. That’s very dangerous,” Clair said.

But Clair also points out Uber driver Morris was also aggressive in pursuing the bus to get the bus number. Had he backed off, the swerving may have stopped. Instead, when the bus was stopped in traffic and the lane next to it clear, Clair says Morris made the wrong decision.

“He should just keep going. He makes a point to stop, which you shouldn’t do with an aggressive driver. You never wanna get involved with them. No eye contact with an aggressive driver. Just let it go,” Clair said.

Morris wanted to make sure the driver knew his actions were caught on his dash cam.

The Port Authority has reviewed the video and sent KDKA this statement Tuesday:

“Following an investigation, Port Authority police issued the operator two citations (PA Vehicle Code Title 75 § 3736 (reckless driving) and § 3334 (turning movements and required signals)). Additionally, the operator may face disciplinary action pending an internal hearing.

“Port Authority takes the safety of our customers, our employees and the general public very seriously, and the conduct shown in the video is not representative of what we expect from our operators.”

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Transit Union Local 85 is also investigating the incident.