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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Antonio Brown just can’t seem to leave his former team alone, and players around the NFL are starting to call him out for his actions.

On Sunday, Brown and Steelers wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster engaged in an exchange that showed just how much Smith-Schuster’s team MVP honor in 2018 caused the offseason drama and eventual trade of Brown to the Raiders.

“Emotion: boy fumbled the whole post season in the biggest game of year ! Everyone went blind to busy making guys famous not enough reality these days ! 🤙🏾 by the way check the list.”

Smith-Schuster responded in disappointment as he explained how he was always in Brown’s corner, even after he left the Steelers.

“All I ever did was show that man love and respect from the moment I got to the league. I was genuinely happy for him too when he got traded to Oakland w/ a big contract, and now he takes shots at me on social media? Crazy how big that ego got to be to take shots at people who show you love! Smh.”

After the Twitter spat, other NFL players decided to voice their opinions including Houston Texans safety Justin Reid who had some pretty strong words for Brown.

“I respect his game but I can’t wait to smash this dude 😂 No need for that.”

It is important to note that the Texans will play the Raiders in the 2019 season. Los Angeles Rams safety Eric Weddle echoed Reid’s comments.

“No need for that. Showing true colors right here. No respect for this dude.”

Former Steelers safety Ryan Clark, who has been an outspoken critic of Brown through the offseason, added that he took a lot of heat for his previous comments about the all-pro receiver, but the truth is coming out.

“Yet everyone was mad at me!! 🤷🏾‍♂️ Now they are starting to see it.”

“Lol. Truth always comes out big bro. Man what a childish move by him.”

Meanwhile, former NFL tight end Shannon Sharpe says he would not want Brown as a teammate if he still played. He says Oakland will have its hands full with him on the roster this season.

“Good luck, Raiders with [Antonio Brown] in your locker room. … I wouldn’t want to play with him; I don’t care if he gave me 160 catches & 1,800 yards. The Steelers don’t realize this now, but the best thing they’ve done was get that guy out of the locker room.” —@ShannonSharpe”

The Steelers and Raiders do not play each other in 2019, but there is almost a guarantee this will not be the last that Steelers Nation and the team has heard from Antonio Brown.