By Amy Wadas

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Police arrested 22-year-old Malik Baxter of Knoxville tonight after serving a search warrant at a home in Troy Hill.

They seized drugs, drug paraphernalia, drug packing materials and a fire arm from the home.

However, a family member claims police found nothing in the home.

“Two doors are kicked in and the grandkids are traumatized and the warrant is not signed,” said Tracy King. “He claimed he had a signed warrant for narcotics. That there was evidence that there were drugs being sold in and out of that house and went through the whole entire house, and they ended up leaving with nothing and didn’t arrest nobody.”

King did say that someone else was arrested around the corner, but doesn’t know who.

“Some little boy that was around the corner and they followed him,” she said.

The SWAT team was called in and she was not happy.

“We have children and they’re coming in and out of the house,” said King. “But that doesn’t mean they’re selling drugs.”

Baxter is in the Allegheny County Jail facing drug charges.