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BETHEL PARK (KDKA) — Bethel Park High School is switching from paper hall passes to high-tech passes, and some parents and students aren’t happy about the change.

JoAnne Mattes, a parent in Bethel Park, is raising fears about the upcoming mandate, which requires all students to download a hall pass app onto their cell phone or Chromebook.

The app will monitor their comings and goings.

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“It is Big Brother. Big Brother is watching. You have to be careful with everything anymore,” Mattes said. “It’s an invasion of privacy. It is a personal issue. It should not be permitted in the schools.”

Louis Mattes, JoAnne’s son and a senior at the high school, says he’s refusing to download the new app. He claims it gives him just four minutes to go to the bathroom.

“It’s completely ridiculous that, I mean, we have to be tracked to go to the bathroom. I mean, it’s sad,” he said.

“Using your Chromebook in a restroom? Seriously? Where do you put it, you know?” JoAnne Mattes said.

The school told parents they’re using it on a trial basis starting next week. They’ll survey students and parents on its effectiveness, but Louis has already made up his mind.

“It just doesn’t make sense to me that a school should have to track its students on school property,” he said.

The Bethel Park School District says because they’re not using the app yet, they do not have any comment.