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PENN HILLS (KDKA) — A Penn Hills mistaken identity abduction case has left people who live and work in the area shaken.

KDKA spoke to the owner of the Verona Car Spa.

He says he can’t believe a kidnapping situation happened in front of his business. He just hopes whoever is responsible will get caught and soon.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

“I just don’t understand it. I don’t understand why they were coming here and trying to do something, like, this when a guy is trying to earn an honest living,” says the owner of the Verona Car Spa.

The Verona Car Spa is back open and busy today after the terrifying, yet bizarre incident Wednesday evening.

The owner, who asked us not to identify him, says he runs a family business and is concerned for their safety.

“All of my customers are calling me, asking me if me and my son are alright,” he said.

He says he left work early and didn’t even know anything happened until his daughter called him asking him if he was okay.

The incident, which Penn Hills Police are calling a case of mistaken identity happened around 7 p.m. They say two men were found restrained with plastic zip ties.

A third man was taken, but police say he was later set free because the kidnappers realized they had the wrong guy.

The owner tells KDKA one of the men zip-tied was his employee. He said he’s okay, just shaken up.

“Apparently, maybe they thought I was going to be here, and maybe they were going to attempt a robbery then,” he said.

Penn Hills Police say they’ve made no arrests or have any suspects.