PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — It’s been a wet and stormy Easter weekend for many in the Pittsburgh region, but for some it’s been tougher than others.

Some residents in East Rochester, can’t even get to their homes, and others dealt with flooding issues.

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Some residents in Beaver County are dealing with flooding , property destruction, loss of utilities and major loss from last night’s storm.

An East Rochester couple says a blocked drain pipe is in part to blame for the damage last night’s rains caused on the outside of their Oak Street home, which was pushed at it’s foundation.

“All of it rushed down and backed up and come over and down and went through the wall,” said homeowner Terry Mason.

And the inside of their home, was also not spared.

“This is where it came through,” Mason said describing the path the water took into and through his basement.

Fast moving water rushed in, flooding and destroying everything in the basement.

“What’s good,” Mason said as he looked around at the damage.

The couple have lived through a lot of storms in this house, since 1980 and have never had a flood, until now.

“Brand new furnace, brand new furnace,” Mason said.

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The water covered the furnace, hot water tank, and also destroyed, the washer and dryer, TV, clothes, tools.

“Knocked it all over,” Mason said.

It also left debris, mud and muck behind.

Another neighbor on Tenth Street in East Rochester Borough says he’s having problems with his road washing out everytime it rains.

“I’ve been dealing with the Borough for the last couple years about a drainage problem , the drain at the top of the road has been plugged for years,” said resident Richard Fehr.

Fehr says he’s fed up, adding he pays taxes, but his road is now rutted out from rain run off and impassable.

He says borough leaders tell him it’s not a road.

“This road’s been here for years that’s house has been here since the fifties I Can’t get anything done,” Fehr said.

Another neighbor says she has a large sinkhole caused by the storm damage preventing her from actually getting to her home.

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KDKA News spoke by phone with the mayor of East Rochester tonight he says as mayor he is responsible for public safety and he plans on having the streets department check the borough’s drain pipes and also plans to address the problems as Wednesday’s council meeting.