By Bob Allen

KNOXVILLE (KDKA) — At first there were reports that the shooting happened in the 400 block of Brownsville Road in Knoxville because that’s where the two victims were found.

But detectives later found out the victims were shot on Ibis Way, an alley behind Brownsville Road.

(Photo Credit: Bob Allen/KDKA)

“It appears at this point that the shooting actually occurred on Ibis Way,” said Chris Togneri, Pittsburgh Public Safety officer. “Then the victims ran up to Brownsville Road and police are investigating and talking to potential witnesses at this time.”

The questions now is who shot the victims, both in their 20s and why.

Neighbors say they heard up to eight shots and the gunfire was also detected on the Shotspotter Notification System. Police aren’t saying if one or more gunman were invovled.

In the meantime, police are talking to witnesses and they hope to speak with the victims, who are both recovering in the hospital.

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