PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Almost 50 years after the first Earth Day celebration, leaders in Pittsburgh put their heads together in observation of FutureFest.

“We just want to make Pittsburghers more aware of what we do on a daily basis and the type of impact that it leaves,” Communitopia board member Charlotte Smith said. “It’s just to bring awareness and show people little steps that they can take and make to do and leave a little smaller of a footprint.”

Efforts at Buhl Park on the North Side were spearheaded by Communitopia and the Children’s Museum.

“This is our biggest FutureFest to date. We were lucky enough to pair with PRC, Pennsylvania Resource Council, with their ReuseFest, which you can get to check out with people bringing reusable goods,” Smith said. “So I think that has helped make this event as successful as it is.”

At ReuseFest, people donated all kinds of useful items, all of them in good working order.

People donated kitchen items, household items, pet supplies, medical supplies — all of which are then donated to various charitable organizations around the city.

Five different entertainers also entertained the crowd.

But the focus was on helping people see how actions today — like driving an electric car or SUV — can have far-reaching effects for years to come.

“Even when it comes to throwing stuff away… Most people don’t know that they make reusable ziplock bags now. So something small like that can leave a huge impact,” Smith said.