ALIQUIPPA (KDKA) — A woman is facing charges after police tried to pull her over in Beaver County this morning, and a chase ensued in which two police cruisers were damaged.

Police say the early morning chase began in Aliquippa and went through several jurisdictions. They say the woman who was driving the SUV involved refused to stop and was traveling more than 80 miles per hour.

Aliquippa Police say it was around a.m. when they received a call notifying them of a road rage incident in Monaca with vehicles headed their way.

(Photo Credit: Lisa Washington/KDKA)

(Photo Credit: Lisa Washington/KDKA)

“We were told to be on the lookout for them. So, we ended up seeing the red Buick pass the Sheffield ramp on [Route] 51 and get off the Kiehl Street exit,” said Aliquippa Police Sgt. Steven Roberts.

Police say the woman driving the SUV, refused to stop, even when officers flashed their lights and sirens.

“At some points, we were going in excess of 80 miles per hour,” said Sgt. Roberts.

Through the streets of Aliquippa and Center Township, police pursued the driver, who officers say smelled of alcohol.

According to investigators, two police cruisers, one from Center Township and the other from Aliquippa, were purposely struck by the vehicle they were pursuing.

“I heard sirens and I heard a car sound like it was like an airplane flying past my house, I live off Monaca road,” said witness Delcy McCoy.

After a police maneuver to block her in, the suspect was forced to stop the SUV.

“Eventually, on Chapel Road near Colonial Way, were able to stop her by a Center vehicle getting in front of her and an Aliquippa car alongside her and a Center car behind her, slowing down all the cars,” Sgt. Roberts said.

Police say the woman has previous warrants for her arrest. She is also now facing charges in this incident.

“She’ll face at least two counts of aggravated assault against a police officer. She hit a Center cruiser on purpose, and she also hit an Aliquippa cruiser on purpose with the officers in those vehicles and the lights and sirens going on those vehicles,” Sgt. Roberts said.

Authorities say she will also face counts of driving under the influence and recklessly endangering others.