PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Eric Scarano of Plum is facing multiple charges after police say they confiscated dozens of bags of heroin from the vehicle he was driving near Allegheny River Boulevard and Washington Boulevard. Police have a warrant out for his arrest.

Police have issued an arrest warrant for 40-year-old Eric Scarano of Plum.

Scarano wasn’t home when KDKA knocked on his door, but his grandmother Mary Eror, who lives in the duplex next door, was home. She had no idea police were looking for her grandson, a father of two.

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“I was shocked because he’d come over, he’d talk. I never knew anything was going on,” said Eror.

A state trooper pulled Scarano over in Highland Park Sunday night because his license plate light was out. Police said Scarano admitted to just buying 10 bags of heroin on the North Side while his five-year-old daughter was in the back seat. He said he hid the heroin in his daughter’s car seat where she was currently sitting.

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When Scarano handed over some of the drugs, police said the five-year-old girl handed the trooper another 20 bags of heroin. When the trooper asked Scarano if he had any more heroin in the car, his daughter handed over 10 more, totaling more than 40 bags. Six more bags of heroin were found under the passenger seat of the van in a notebook.

“That doesn’t sound like Eric. He loves that girl. He loves those kids. He wouldn’t do anything to hurt them,” said Eror.

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The statewide child protective services program ChildLine was notified and the little girl was given to her mother.