SOUTH FAYETTE TOWNSHIP, Pa. (KDKA) — The son of a prominent Pittsburgh defense attorney has been suspended from South Fayette High School after getting into a fight with another student who allegedly used a racial slur.

Blaine Jones says his children have often been subjected to racism in the South Fayette School District.

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On Wednesday, his son, who is a student at the high school, got into a fight in the cafeteria with a white student.

“As my son starts to sit down, the young man puts his hands on his head and he calls my son a [N-word],” Jones said.

While Jones admits his son shouldn’t fight, he believes the school tolerates the racism.

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“So then my son went around the table. He asked him, one more time, what did you say? And the young man said to my son, I called you the N-word, what are you going to do about it?” Jones said. “So that’s when my son defended himself and began to choke this young man and then they started fighting.”

Jones isn’t sure if the student who used the N-word is getting punished, but he is demanding some answers from school administrators.

“They’re supposed to protect my son. They have failed my son. Instead of protecting my son against verbal bullying, against racism, they suspended him for three days,” he said.

The South Fayette School District has not commented on the incident. The superintendent says he can’t talk about matters involving students.

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Jones is meeting with the superintendent Thursday afternoon.