NORTH HUNTINGDON, Pa. (KDKA) — A senior at Norwin High School is fighting a dress code that says girls can’t wear pants to their commencement ceremony.

Eighteen-year-old Hannah Kozak says a letter from the district went out to parents telling them girls could not wear pants to the commencement, and if they did, they would receive their diploma the following week.

The dress code goes on to say if a female student wants to wear pants to commencement, they must seek permission from a principal or school administrator.

“I don’t see that as very right. I don’t think that as just, and I think it’s kind of discriminatory,” Kozak said.

Kozak, who will be majoring in political science at Chatham University this fall, decided to cut through the red tape. Last month, she spoke about the dress code at the school board meeting and didn’t pull any punches.

“Just disappointment, maybe a little bit of disgust. The fact that, you know, in modern times, women have been wearing pants as formal wear for nearly a century, and I don’t think that limitation should be put onto young girls. I think it sends the wrong message,” she said.

The board spoke to the high school principal and this afternoon, the Norwin School District released this statement:

“The outcome of the principal-student meeting was that it would be acceptable for the student to wear professional business attire, including pants. The student indicated that she would like that opportunity extended to all students.”

In other words, Kozak can wear pants, but not other graduating girls.

Kozak is not happy with this outcome, but she and the principal will meet Friday to further discuss her request for all girls to wear pants if they choose to do so during the commencement.

KDKA will keep you posted.