CHESTERFIELD, Mo. (CBS Local) — A battle between a Missouri man and his homeowner’s association over an old truck could lead to foreclosure.

Andy Lipka of Chesterfield says his 1965 Ford F250 pickup truck is pretty close to perfect.

“It reminds me of the truck I grew up in with my dad,” he told CBS affiliate KMOV.

But Lipka’s homeowners association, the Woodfield Homes Association, hates the old truck and is suing him, citing bylaws that prohibit vehicles with moderately severe body damage from being parked in the driveway.

Lipka says his classic truck does not have body damage.

“It’s not damaged, it’s the way the finish has evolved over the years.” Lipka said. “Its original Ford paint from 1965, it’s sought after now.”

In the car world, it’s known as a patina finish and experts say it’s a rising trend.

“I think it’s very popular now and becoming more popular,” said Noah Alexander, who owns a classic car studio in St. Louis and is featured on the “Speed Is the New Black” reality TV series on Velocity. Alexander says some clients specifically request the patina finish.

Lipka says he parks his truck in his driveway because his garage houses two other vehicles. He’s been assessed nearly $3,000 in penalties and fines, and is facing a lawsuit that “also implicates my house. They want to foreclose on my house.”

KMOV reached out to the president of the Woodfield Homes Association, but did not hear back. An attorney for Lipka’s homeowner’s association stated, “The association is asking the court to enforce its covenants, which Lipka agreed to follow and was aware of prior to purchasing his home.”