PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A Pittsburgh Police officer who was fired, charged with a crime, acquitted and rehired is now filing a federal lawsuit.

Officer Robert Kramer says he was wrongfully charged in a road rage incident and claims the department knew he was innocent.

“My department and all the officers involved in my prosecution owe me an apology. The mayor, Bill Peduto, owes me an apology,” Kramer said.

Kramer and attorney Joel Sansone claim the Pittsburgh Police Department made false claims and withheld evidence when they charged Kramer with pulling a gun on someone in a road rage incident.

“Despite the knowledge that Detective Green and Commander Epperson had about the innocence of my client … they nevertheless brought charges of simple assault against my client,” Sansone said.


Sansone claims police knew about a video on social media posted by Jesse Smith, who claimed Kramer pulled a gun on him, but didn’t use it as evidence. Sansone says in the video, Smith made statements that contradicted his testimony.

“Put a pistol from the driver side through the passenger side window and pointed it at me as we driving down Chartiers or whatever street that is out here,” Smith says in the video.

Kramer says the accusations have ruined him.

“My career as a police officer is over because I can’t function safely after all that has been said and done about me,” he said.

The mayor’s office and the Pittsburgh Police Department are all declining comment because it’s pending litigation.