By Bob Allen

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — For two and a half months, a man had been in the hospital and unable to communicate.

He had a medical event while getting off a Port Authority bus and lost consciousness, but no one knew him and he had no identification.

Dr. Sarah Stockey was appointed by the court to be his legal guardian after showing his picture from a hospital bed on KDKA News, he has finally been identified.

“We’ve come to find out that his name is Regis, he lives in the South Side with his brother,” said. Dr. Stockey. “My phone has been ringing non-stop since the news aired.”

In February, the man’s neighbor Renee Gielewski noticed he was missing after the snow piled up around his brother’s parked vehicle.

When she called the police, they went inside his house but he wasn’t there.

She then tried unsuccessfully to fill out a missing persons report.

“I called missing persons and there was nothing they could do because I’m not family,” Gielewski said. “I know of no family.”

Gielewski was one of several neighbors who called after seeing Regis’ picture and other possessions on the news.

“Definitely was a relief to have some questions answered,” Gielewski said. “I thought maybe he jumped off the bridge because he was very upset about all the money he had to put into his brother’s rehab.”

Dr. Stockey is hoping to reunite Regis with his brother.

“His brother is in a local nursing care facility so hopefully we can get him reunited so they can be treated in the same facility. hopefully we can get them together,” she said.

Meanwhile, Dr. Stockey offers this piece of advice for anyone: be sure to always carry some type of identification.