O’HARA TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — A landslide is threatening at least three homes in O’Hara Township.

Trees, shrubs and other debris slid off the muddy hillside along Kittanning Pike Tuesday morning. One homeowner tells KDKA a branch went through her bathroom window.

By morning light, neighbors were cleaning up and moving their backyard furniture. Much of it pushed by mud and debris.

One large tree even landed on the roof of a home.

“I basically came home to a wall of dirt,” said Joshua Barr, who lives next door to the landslide.

NewsChopper 2 showed the damage from above, it shows where the landslide began and just how wide it is.

“It’s Mother Nature, I mean you really can’t do anything about it,” said Barr.

Barr lives next door to where the landslide is happening. Although, right now, he’s not directly impacted, he says he’s still worried.

“I mean, I think it’s just luck that it hasn’t really hit my house,” he said.

KDKA found out the landslide actually started on Saturday with just one tree.

“The people had somebody come in and cut the tree down and never notified anybody about it. They just thought a tree was falling down off of the hillside,” said Pleasant Valley Volunteer Fire Company Chief Ed Michalowski.

Engineers are assessing the situation and checking out the damage. At this time, no one is being evacuated.

But as for who is responsible? That could be the homeowner.

“They’re looking at their deeds right now, some of the owners are seeing how far up the hill they own. Some of them own up and it may be their responsibility,” said Michalowski.

And KDKA asked if this landslide will be impacting any homes nearby in this area. And they said, they don’t believe so.