OAKLAND (KDKA) — The Cathedral Cafe is in the basement of the Cathedral of Learning on Pitt’s campus and it has been cited with eight health code violations due to mouse droppings, flies and more.

Students say they’re stressed out enough as it is and they don’t want to be paying all this money for food to find out things like this.

“That’s pretty gross, I mean, especially because they already had violations so I don’t know why it’s happening again,” said Pitt student Abby Bomberger.

“I feel like there’s a consensus on campus that the food is pretty sub-par,” said another Pitt student, Katie Schreiber.

She said she keeps hearing about these violations.

Miranda Kosowsky is surprised it’s still an issue after all this time.

“I think it’s wild that it’s still an issue after all the issues that we’ve had on campus,” she said. “I thought they would have corrected it by now. It just doesn’t make you feel like your money is being well spent when you buy a meal plan, but also it’s actually just safe to eat the food.”

According to the health department, inspectors found fresh mouse droppings inside and on top of a case of plastic cups, small flies, too many to count, near dishes and a hand washing sink, a high temperature dish washer that failed to get hot enough inside and old mouse droppings in several spots, including behind an ice machine.

According to a statement from the university, the issues have been corrected.

“Sodexo has remedied all issues,” they told KDKA. “Corrective measures included retraining staff on labeling procedures and hand-washing techniques, servicing a dish-washing machine and increasing the frequency of pest control services.”

However, Kosowsky wants to know how many times can this happen?

“I just find that kind of unacceptable for a university of this caliber and that offers so many opportunities just can’t get there food department together.”

Meghan Schiller