HARRISON CITY (KDKA) — A video produced by students in the audio-visual department at Penn Trafford High School has prompted concern.

It was meant to be used as a training drill, should there ever be a real emergency like a shooter in the building.

According to the school district, the video was only to be seen in-house, but without authorization, it was placed on Facebook by students.

Once viewed, some, like Jim Atkins of Harrison City, thought the person portrayed as the shooter was made to look like a Muslim by wrapping a scarf around his head.

“It shouldn’t be profiling somebody like that,” he said.

He also said he could understand why some may have been offended by that.

Lori Fitzgerald says she isn’t quite sure what to think.

“I’m not sure why they would choose to put a scarf on this person,” she said. “Does it offend me personally, no. I guess I’m not sure what to think about that”

Trinity Garbacz is a junior at the high school and has her own ideas about how it should have been produced.

“I just thought that maybe they could have used a normal person not to offend anyone. Like, you could have used anyone. You didn’t have to dress him up,” she said. “I could’ve done it, you could’ve done it. It doesn’t have to be a certain religion or race or anything like that.”

In a press release, the district says, “This unofficial release of the video has caused some in the community to question the District’s actions in performing the drill. As indicated above, the active shooter drill conducted at [Penn Trafford] did not intend to represent any particular culture or religion as the shooters.”

The district says the full costumes included a long blonde wig, a scarf, a paintball or tactical mask, as well as a dark, zip-up sweatshirt and dark pants.

They provided these photos:

(Source: Penn Trafford School District)

(Source: Penn Trafford School District)

The district went on to say, “There was no intent by the District, police department or consultant as part of the training to provide an identity to the volunteers as anything other than an active shooter.”

District officials say they believe in “diversity and inclusion.”

They say in the press release: “PT prides itself on instilling respect for others, in its students and staff and has conducted numerous trainings on cultural diversity. The District strongly believes in diversity and inclusion and strives to provide its students an educational environment reflective of the world community. PT students are empowered to be their authentic selves and value others.”

Comments (54)
  1. Jim Wimmer says:

    Geez, get a life people.

  2. Dave Hardesty says:

    Stupid is as stupid does.

  3. Allan Erickson says:

    Exercise need some element of realism. TS if some clown was offended.

  4. What’s with the blonde hair? Are you sure they weren’t picking on blondes?

  5. Yeah, you know what would be great? If people would express as much outrage when Muslims actually do terror.

    You know, like every third day . . . when they launch missiles into Israel, or stab someone on the tube, or blow up a building, or go on a church shooting.

    Instead, all we hear is ‘don’t judge’. And then the story is dropped.

    But God forbid anybody engaged in a drill of any kind make any reference to or simulation of an actual muslim terrorist. Because that’s hate speech mister!

    In short my point is this; all you outrage professionals either need to figure out what the actual outrages are or learn how to STFU!

  6. Jim Thomas says:

    This is exactly the kind of PC mentality that’s going to get Americans killed.

  7. The left can be outraged about anything except when there is actual terrorism. Then they are more concerned someone might blame Muslims. Just because their religion calls for it why would anyone blame them? It’s called jihad I’m sure you’ve heard of it.

  8. Scot Novak says:

    Lets see if they would use a white student would that put whites in a bad light that all shooters are white. So crazy give me and everyone a break.

  9. Donnie Berndt says:

    Here’s a thought…quit being offended by everything…your blood pressure will thank you

  10. Russell Howell says:

    One person commented: “I just thought that maybe they could have used a normal person not to offend anyone.” But wouldn’t have offend normal people?

  11. Kyle Gardiner says:

    What a shocking shocking terrible outrage!!!! I can not imagine why the Religion of Peace was desecrated in this way!

  12. Bill O'Connor says:

    “I just thought that maybe they could have used a normal person not to offend anyone…” Of course assuming a Muslim is not normal should offend no one.

  13. Spare me. I suppose some people are offended by their shadow.

  14. Can anyone name some muslim school shooters? 99% are white kids.

    1. They should of had a white teen boy portray the shooter. That would have been more realistic.

  15. GET OVER IT. Pretty close to reality,so it hurts?

  16. Carter Gwynn says:

    It is like shooting targets at the range; ONLY whitel male images are allowed.

  17. Robyn Greene says:

    omg who cares what he is wearing?? this isnt a fashion show you dumb blondes this is to protect your kids! i really really hope these kind of crybabies DO NOT BREED

  18. Islam is, in fact, a scourge on planet Earth and it’s closest out-lying neighboring planets.

  19. Mike Weaver says:


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