PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A rain delay before the start of the highly anticipated Garth Brooks concert did not dampen any spirits here. The daytime party, rolled into the nighttime party, with 75-thousand or so of the closest of friends.

Happy Renditions of Garth Brooks’ most famous tune, “I’ve Got Friends In Low Places” filled the air in and around Heinz Field under a beautiful sunny sky before the start of the big show. In the stadium parking lots, at the North Shore restaurants, and on the water, it was a gigantic party.

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  • “It doesn’t get any better than this, hanging out with great people, great friends,” said Garrett Flotta of Penn Hills.

    Throngs of people, ages 8 to 80 came out to see the country music megastar.

    With many fans coming from out of state, even docking on the water meant getting here days ahead of time.

    “Since Wednesday we’ve been here partying we got twelve boats out, we got people everywhere we’re just having a blast,” said Robert Rexrode of Monroeville.

    There were lots of family and friend groups who bought tickets together, making plans for a memorable time and special occasion.

    “I’m here with about thirty people who decided to come celebrate my birthday with me,” said Heather O’Haley celebrating her 40th birthday.

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    The country attire wearing crowd were all having a blast making food and kicking back with beverages.

    “But today it’s a holiday for a lot of country folk, and we’re happy to have them,” said Chris Miranda, Assistant General Manager at Tequila Cowboy on the North Shore.

    Heavy security including mounted police officers who say the crowd, not withstanding some heavy drinking, were pretty easy.

    In the words of many, it was the all American city playing hosting to the all American country music superstar

    “Camaraderie, the people, Pittsburgh, it’s number one, always has, always will,” said Flotta.

    “Garth loves love,” O’Haley told KDKA News.

    Numbers are not final yet, but so far police report zero arrests or citations among this huge crowd. There were two medical transports tonight and twenty people were treated on site mostly for heat related issues.

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    After the rain delay,the weather this evening turned beautiful once again for a great end to a great day.