NEW KENSINGTON (KDKA) — Police are looking for suspects following an overnight shooting in Westmoreland County.

According to investigators, the shooting happened just before 2 a.m. on Woodbine Alley, next to Victoria Avenue in Arnold.

“Hear shots quite often, but I always second guess myself. Ya know? That wasn’t a shot, that was a loud bang, or fireworks. You never what to think, it’s gunshots,” said Arnold resident, Diane Galie.

Galie lives just a street over from where this morning’s shooting took place.

She tells KDKA she didn’t hear it, but isn’t surprised by it either.

“One block’s good, the next block, you don’t walk on that block,” said Galie.

The shooting carried over onto a second scene on Constitution Boulevard in New Kensington.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

That’s were police say they found a shooting victim, flagging them down for help.

“They were taken to a Pittsburgh hospital. They are in stable condition at this point,” said Westmoreland County Det. John Clark.

KDKA also spotted a white SUV with numerous bullet holes along the driver side and rear of the vehicle.

New Kensington Police say three people were inside the SUV at the time. No one else was injured.

“Eventually, a search warrant will be served on the vehicle,” said Clark.

Right now, Arnold Police are investigating. No details have been released on a suspect or a motive. They say if you have any information, give them a call.