MONACA (KDKA) — Some people turned to KDKA, looking for answers about dangerous road conditions in their neighborhood.

People living on Walnut Street in Monaca say crews left their street a mess after they dug up their road and replaced a water line.

Since the water line replacement, which neighbors say took place about a month ago, the road has uneven surfaces and a long line of gravel. Some people are worried about young children in the neighborhood and the elderly homeowners.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

“That’s my number one concern, is the safety of them getting around outside. Basically, they just filled it in with dirt. I think all of our cars have taken a toll. I know my car has. I think I need new shocks just from driving down this road,” said Amanda Lomagro, Walnut Street homeowner.

Lomagro is one of several neighbors who said they aren’t getting any answers from borough officials. She says she was told there wouldn’t be a fix anytime soon.

Timothy Beeman also lives on Walnut Street. He says he’s frustrated with the road conditions and the issues his family is now experiencing with their drinking water.

(Photo Credit: Amanda Lomagro)

“The quality of water is just, it’s horrible. It’s brown. It’s not good. I’d like to see them fix the yard. I’d like to them fix the roads and I’d like better water,” Beeman said.

Monaca Borough Manager Mario Leone Jr. told KDKA News that the project is on the schedule for next week. He says the road will get new asphalt and the yards that were destroyed will be restored.