MILLVALE (KDKA) — Millvale Borough Police say a newly painted mural on Sherman Street and Grant Avenue is drawing complaints from people in the area.

The multicultural mural, painted earlier this month, is of Pachamama, the earth goddess of the Incas.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

The police department said several people have called to complain about the artwork. The department is warning people that threats, destruction or defacement of the mural will not be tolerated.

Every monument and mural in the borough will now be monitored by privately owned surveillance cameras. Police say anyone caught tampering with the artwork or buildings will be charged with criminal mischief.

KDKA spoke with many people who live in the neighborhood. Residents say the painting is powerful and the complaints are not a reflection of the people of Millvale.

“There’s a lot more than just, you know, just a painting on a wall, you know. I don’t get why anyone would complain. It’s good to have that in the community, especially on just a blank wall. It brings color to the whole borough,” Angelo Armenti said.

“I think they need to mind their own business and let the people do what they do here. It’s an expression of art and it’s great for the community,” Aaron Lesic said.