By Ross Guidotti

CONNELLSVILLE (KDKA) — UPDATE, 9:51 p.m.: According to police the vehicle has been located and secured. The suspects, David Edward Millero and Tiffany Lynn Evans, are in custody.

Eighty-year-old Oliver Welsh had a busy Thursday morning.

“I went to the bank and withdrew money,” he said. “I went to McDonald’s and I bought a cup of coffee.”

Mr. Welsh walked out of the McDonald’s in Connellsville with a coffee in one hand and a pocket full of cash, but in a couple of minutes, one would be forcibly removed and the other, he’d surrender willingly.

After a short drive, Mr. Welsh arrived at his Cambria Drive home and he noticed a car was following him. A man came out of the car and asked him for directions as well as if he could borrow his phone.

“He looked at me and said, ‘Hey, can I borrow your cell phone?’ I said I don’t loan people my cell phone,” Welsh said.

Then, Mr. Welsh turned around to walk down the stairs to his home when he was ambushed from behind.

“He already lifted the wallet, I could feel it going out of my pocket,” Welsh said.

Although he was dazed, Mr. Welsh composed himself and followed his attacker back to their car.

“When I turned around he was back to his car, he was going back to his car and I followed him back to his car,” he said. “I know I got a hold of his shirt, but I couldn’t hold on to it.”

In that instance, Mr. Welsh remembered what he was still holding and gave his alleged attacker a “hot” parting shot.

“I had this coffee so I threw it best I could right in his face,” said Welsh.

The alleged attacker got away, but he was in a 2008-2012 dark blue Chevrolet Malibu. State troopers say if you recognize the car, to give them a call.

“It’s a disgrace,” said Trooper Robert Broadwater. “What are you gaining out of assaulting an 80-year-old man? I hope he’s identified.”