By Pam Surano

MARS BOROUGH (KDKA) — Police have charged a Mars Pizza Shop manager for allegedly stealing thousands of dollars from the store cash register since December.

He was able to take a lot of money in only a short period of time.

Mars Pizza is a staple in the Borough.

It’s been around since 1983, before that people remember it as Planet Pizza the kind of place that had an arcade and kids could come after school.

The owner took ownership of Mars Pizza only in December, and now this has happened.

A pizza shop manager has been charged with stealing more $3-thousand dollars from the shop in just the last six months.

Joesph Horn, 41-years-old, of Mars is charged with 48 counts of theft and receiving stolen property.

According of our news partner the Butler Eagle police say the owner of Mars Pizza told police about the thefts and supplied officers with register tape and payroll records that broke down the amounts and dates of the thefts.

Records showed that Horn was the manager on duty at the time and was the only one with access to the register.

According to the police report, Horn was entering sales into the register, than canceling the transaction and pocketing the money.

The shop owner says he’s confident justice will be served. The shop is closed for about three days next week for renovations and after the new improvements, the owner says they plan on coming back better that’s ever.